Mediator 9: Using Sounds

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This is the second in a series of tutorial screencasts exploring techniques for creating interactive multimedia presentations in Mediator 9 (from Matchware). In this episode I’m focusing on the use of sound in Mediator projects. I’ll cover three different ways of handling the playback of sound files as well as looking at the use of the Sound Volume action. If you are new to Mediator 9, you may find it helpful to watch the first episode in the series before watching this one.

Duration: 10min 53secs

Level: Beginner

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  1. Pankit Gandhi

    Hi Jeremy!
    Just wondering how to create a Global Sound on/off button in Mediator. Tried a bit but with no success.
    Awaiting your reply.
    Take Care

  2. Jeremy

    I would handle this in the following way:

    – Create a global text variable called something like ‘audioSwitch’ and give this a default value of ‘on’.
    – Add an audio on/off button to your pages (perhaps using a master page) and set this to toggle the value of your variable using an ‘If’ event.
    – Use some conditional programming (‘If’ events) to check the value of your audioSwitch variable before playing any sounds (i.e. if variable is set to ‘on’ then play sound else do nothing).

    The weakness with the above method is that sound files that have already begun playing won’t stop when the button is clicked.

    Hope this helps. If I get a chance to do an advanced audio screencast I’ll try to include something along these lines.

  3. Pankit

    Hey, No!
    If i am not wrong, a better and more efficient way out would be to have a button (on a master page) with a vb or java script (to produce the desired effect) attached to it using the programming tab. However, what would be the script? I am not having even a working knowledge of either (vb or java). Guess, steep road ahead!
    Thanks for sharing my concern. TC

  4. shafiq

    Hi, I am creating something in mediator 9, and i wanted to know is there a way of me adding audio to my text, instead of me recording the text and then add that with the text so that if text is clicked it is read out, or do i have to use adobe, thanks

  5. Jeremy

    I’m sorry but I don’t fully understand your question. Could you try to rephrase and then I’ll see if I can give you any useful advice.

  6. Da

    Hello, I would like to thank you for your nice screencasts on mediator 9. I’ve been using it to devellop an educational cd-rom. Your voice is very clear and the explanations are great. I wish you could continue doing them since I’ve watched all present already.
    About the sound question I had the same challange in my project. I think it would be great for mediator 9 to have included an pre-made button for on/off music.
    Anyway, I solved this problem (in part) by adding two buttons, one for play and another for stop the music. Seems the best and easy way to contour this problem for me.
    Hoping to hear from you soon. Good luck!

  7. Jeremy

    Thanks very much for your nice comments. I’d really like to add some more screencasts to the series but since becoming a dad I haven’t managed to find the time. I’m hopeful that I might get to make some more in the next few months. When I do, I will certainly be adding an advanced audio episode.

  8. Aisling Hagan

    Hi Jeremy,
    Thanks for all the screencasts- they really enabled me to get started on Mediatior. I was wondering have you information on the easiest way to create animation in Mediator. I would like to do things like have an old book and then click on it to make it appear open? Or create the impression on a page that you are turning it over? I hope my request is clear and that i am not muddling!
    Your help would be greatly appreaciated.

  9. Kuldeep

    HI Jeremy, I’ve been looking at you tutorials and they have been realy helpfull. I was just wondering have you got a tutorial for creating an image gallery and allowing users to download attatched documents from a created mediator website. It’s a lot to ask but I’d really apreciate it if you could help me.

  10. Jeremy

    I’m glad that you find the screencasts helpful. Unfortunately I don’t currently have the time to produce any new ones. If I do make more, they are likely to be focused on more generic topics. I hope you manage to find the support you need elsewhere.

  11. ellieloves1Dx

    1) How do you make a rollover button on mediator 9.
    2) how do you make your buttons to work on mediator 9.