Mediator 9: Storing and Displaying User Input Data

Mediator 9

This screencast will demonstrate how to store data entered by a user. Using an example document, I’ll show you how to store a user’s name and then display that name on a subsequent page. In addition to storing text input, you can also store numeric data.

If you haven’t already done so, you should probably watch the Drag and Drop episode before watching this one as I assume that you already have an understanding of variables and the ‘Assign’ event (these are covered in more depth in the aforementioned episode).

If you’d like to explore the example Mediator document that is demonstrated in this screencast, you can download it and edit it on your own computer (assuming that you have installed Mediator 9).

Specific topics covered in this screencast:

  • Using Input Objects
  • Using variables to store data
  • The ‘Assign’ event
  • The ‘Set Property’ event

Duration: 14min 14secs

Level: Intermediate

Download (click a link below):

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QuickTime [small] 640 × 400

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  1. Andrew Welsh

    I am very impressed with your video tutorials. I was hoping that you could help with a problem I am having. I am trying to achieve a text entry exercise whereby the correct answer will receive cheers and the incorect answer will recieve a weeping noise.

    I have created this using If and Else statements:

    If True
    Assign varAngel = AngelInput=”twenty”
    Sound …..cheering.wav

    Assign varAngel = AngelInput=””
    Sound ….crying.wav

    It appears that the cheering.wav file plays regardless of the entry in the text box.

    I have worked in the past using Flash and actionscript but I cannot seem to make this work.

    Hope that you can advise,

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Jeremy

    Thanks for the positive feedback, Andy! Have you tried watching the Drag & Drop episode? That covers much of what you want to do – only with a drag and drop activity rather than text input.

  3. Andrew Welsh

    Thanks for the speedy response, I will take another look at the drag and drop tutorial.
    Will keep you posted.


  4. James McNaughton

    Thanks for doing these tutorials, they’ve been incredibly useful.
    Is it possible to display superscripts in Input Objects? I’m trying to make an algebra quiz using random numbers, but putting the squared in a separate text box means it ends up in the wrong place depending on the variables involved. I managed to come up with a fix that involved nested Ifs with 24 outcomes and I can’t bring myself to do another question in that way.

  5. Mike Palecek

    Jeremy, thanks for your efforts with these great tutorials. I was trying to put variables into Text objects, to no avail. You put me on the right track!! Looking forward to watching the rest of your screencasts. THANKS!!!

  6. Carol

    Hi can you please explain how to create a quiz where the user enters their answer in the Input Box and then clicks on the Submit button. I have tried this but it keeps saying the answer is wrong. i would be very grateful for your help.