Mediator 9: Hotspots

Mediator 9
This screencast describes how to add hotspots to an image in Mediator and then shows you how to program events based around interaction with these hotspots.

Specific topics covered in this screencast:

  • Adding hotspots
  • Programming events linked to hotspots

Duration: 7min 50secs

Level: Beginner

Download (click a link below):

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QuickTime [small] 640 × 400

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  1. Dana

    Hi Jeremy,

    I hope you still check this blog :)

    Question for you – I have embedded a .pdf into my Mediator 9 project. Within that .pdf are 17 separate graphics that I would like to turn into “hotspots” that take the user to a separate page that plays video in my mediator 9 project. Is this possible or will the pdf have to be imported as an image? I know if I don’t have the .pdf embedded and instead pop it out in Adobe Reader that I can make the graphics open the video, but I’d much rather keep everything contained in the project. This is all going on a CD ROM. Can you help me?


  2. Mike Palecek

    Jeremy, thanks for the great Hot Spots screencast. I’ve been wanting to try out that feature, and really liked your “zoom” implementation. Very creative. Thanks for sharing that great idea!!