Mediator 9: Drag & Drop

Mediator 9

In this screencast I show you how to create a simple interactive drag and drop matching activity in Mediator. You will be introduced to several key building blocks for programming interactivity in your projects. I would recommend that you watch all of the previous screencasts in this series before attempting to follow this one.

If you’d like to explore the example project demonstrated in this screencast, you can download it and edit it on your own computer (assuming that you have installed Mediator 9). You can also download the full script for the screencast.

Specific topics covered in this screencast:

  • The ‘Drag & Drop’ event
  • The ‘Drop On’ action
  • Variables
  • The ‘Assign’ event
  • ‘If…’ events (also referred to as ‘Conditional Statements’)
  • Using the Debug tool

Duration: 15min 51secs

Level: Intermediate

Download (click a link below):

QuickTime 960 × 600

QuickTime [small] 640 × 400

Download this screencast in iPod/iPhone format via iTunes


  1. Pippa Totraku

    Through Jeremy’s screencast series on Mediator I have found a good balance of information both visually onscreen and through the audio narration. I will continue to use these resources significantly in my teaching and I know that my students appreciate the support they provide. Many, many thanks.

  2. Curtis Nelson

    Any possibility of hiring you to help me with a “drag & drop” programming problem I’m having? I’m up against a hard deadline and can’t seem to find the solution. I know its there – I just can’t seem to see it. If possible, I’d appreciate it. I think you have my email address through my registration.

    Thanks much!

  3. Jeremy

    Sorry but I’ve been away on leave and recent changes in my personal circumstances have made it very difficult for me to find time to work on the Mediator screencasts. The Advanced Drag & Drop screencast is coming along but is quite a biggy. I’ll try to get it published shortly. Sorry that I don’t have the time to offer you more assistance.

  4. Vinny Doyle

    Jeremy, I think Mediator 9 is a great programme, but the tutorials provided by Matchware are not good. I basically want to use it for developing training & adding soem Java script.

  5. Vinny Doyle

    Jeremy, basically I want to do a presentation, have a questionnaire & be able for the results to be emailed to a person, the name of which can be set at the beginning.

  6. Andrew Welsh

    Hi Jeremy,
    Hope that you can shed some light on this. Creating an E-Learning Booklet, using the tools with Mediator. I have repurposed an existing Flash movie and tried to import it into Mediator. The Flash Object is a drawing tool which allows the user to draw circles over spelling mistakes in text and to print off later. The swf loads and plays in Mediator fine, howvever, when it is exported eitther through SCORM or as swf file, the Flash Object sometimes appears and if it does the user is unable to draw on the canvas. Any ideas??

  7. Jeremy

    I don’t have any experience of using interactive Flash objects in Mediator projects so I’m not able to provide you with any tips on this one. Perhaps someone else reading these comments might have some advice? I wonder if there could be a clash of different ActionScripts here? I’m not sure how Mediator handles ActionScript.

  8. wil

    I have had lots of issues with features not working as they should in compiled swf’s. It could be the added swf in question contains scripting that interferes with mediator. I suggest you produce a test a application with just the imported flash object added and nothing else. if it compiles and works you at least know it should work in theory, if it doesnt work in this format then, your not going to be able to use it in mediator.

  9. Liam

    Hi Jeremy. Have been following your Screencasts as an aid to my coursework and have found them very useful! Just one question: How do i make the score from that particular screencast appear on every page? This is so that the user can track their score throughout the product. Every time i advance to another page it seems to disappear.
    Many Thanks.

  10. Jeremy

    Glad you find the screencasts useful. It sounds like you might have your score variable set to ‘local’ scope – you need to change this to ‘global’ scope so that the value of the variable is available to other pages. Hope this helps and sorry for slow response.

  11. Amit

    Hi Jeremy,

    I want to have a drag and drop where the drop target only accepts the right answer. In case a wrong answer is dropped on the target,the dropped answer should revert back to it’s original position.

    Is it possible in Mediator?

  12. tharsi

    hi i was wondering if u can let me know how to get two text boxes to be dropeed on one picture. i tried adding both the text box names in the if box but both the sounds are playing!

  13. Yasmin

    Hi Jeremy,

    I do not know the name or this effect and I wondered if you can do it on Mediator so I will try to describe it- you brush over the screen with your cursor and reveal the page. It often has a paint covering which you brush over (like a scratch card).


  14. Mediator Support Site

    i think i know the feature your talking about, are you wanting it to “scratch off” with a click and drag or just moving the mouse over it? Having had a quick brain storm, I’ve come up with a possible solution, but it will be time consuming to code. join the website above to talk about it more. Thanks.